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Kebayoran Baru

Kebayoran Baru is perfect area to live for those who work in the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) area. SCBD is home to numerous well-known national and multinational companies. There’s also Ritz-Carlton Hotel on top of the Pacific Place shopping mall building. Other than that. Countless restaurants, bars, and cafes are surrounding the SCBD area.

More to the south, Kebayoran Baru is a leafy suburb area with so many trees and parks even if the roads are not too wide. Due to its perfect location and environment, the well-built, spacious housing can be more expensive.

Homes here straddle two ends of the spectrum. At the high-end of the market are luxurious, upscale houses similar to those found in Pondok Indah. At the other end are older, larger houses, usually with gardens and ample space. Other than that, there are also some decent apartment blocks located in this area, which are built on vast and secure plots of land, where walking/running is possible.

Well-known areas in Kebayoran Baru includes Senopati, Wijaya, Dharmawangsa, and Pakubuwono. Many high level politicians and business owners live in these areas. The likes of ambassadors and consulate members are also often found dwelling in this area because of its proximity to the city and its offices.

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