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Living in Cipete allows you to bypass the unpredictable Kemang traffic to get to the business central area such as Kuningan, Sudirman, or Senayan via a flyover. Kemang’s attractions are a ten-minute drive away, but Cipete’s main road has some reputable restaurants and businesses of its own.

The houses built in this area usually have better floor plans, in that they are large and open but also include gardens. The surrounding streets however are mostly narrow, windy roads. Cipete does contain a few compounds and housing complexes though, which avoids the issue of living on slow-to-navigate streets.

The French International School (and a wonderful French bakery) is nearby as are good salons and spas dotted around for the ladies. Cipete is a more quaint suburb, but rather more vibrant than Pondok Indah, and suitable for a range of expatriate units.

The main street of Cipete is always lively. There are countless food vendors that, even though not all of them deliver five star services, the quality of the dishes are must-try.