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Home Styling and Interior Design

At EMC Indonesia, we are passionate about getting you settled into the house of your dreams. It can be great fun redesigning the perfect living space for your family. Why not trust our in-house home interiors specialists to help you realise that vision? From modern to exotic, sophisticated to funky, we want you to enjoy this part of your relocations experience, and be happy in your home during your time in Indonesia.

Should you need inspiration, these are trending interior design styles in 2019:

1. Artisanal Fixtures

This design focuses on how to add something artistic to your house. For example, you can make an unusual lamp hoods the main attraction in a rather regular room. Artisanal fixtures aim to bring the main attention to a specific item in a room.

2. Natural Elements

In 2019, natural materials such as flowers, stone, copper, concrete, and granite replaced tech-related design. These elements bring a grounding and calming atmosphere, bringing mother nature into your home.

3. Velvet Furnishing

Though seen as old fashioned, when used properly velvet furnishing can create that touch of luxury you’re looking for. Many leading designers are now returning to velvet as a key material in home decoration.

4. Floral Patterns

Floral patterns have long been a classic, they are almost timless. In 2019, these patterns continue to stay mode, with only changes in proportions, colours and contrasts to make them feel current.

5. Copper Accents

Designer destinations are now using copper to highlight and accent a room. This red and orange metal brings with it a sophisticated, modern touch, but matches well with natural elements such as dark wood as well. Copper has replaced rose gold as the design accent of choice in 2019.

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