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Immigration Services

EMC Indonesia can take one more source of stress out of your move by handling your visa arrangements and other services related to immigration, which can be a complex process. As one of the most important part of preparation before moving abroad, visa arrangements require zero mistakes. EMC Indonesia provides the following services in-house:


A Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV) or just Business visa is perfect for expats who frequently visit Indonesia in short periods, for business meetings and market study for example. This visa, however, cannot be used for those employed in Indonesia. For that purpose, you will need Limited Stay Visa (or KITAS - Kartu Ijin Tinggal Sementara). Read through for more information about KITAS.

By applying for business visas, expats can save time applying for single entry visas. Business visas allows you to stay for sixty days only in one trip, but you can re-enter Indonesia whenever you need to, until expiry at 12 months.

Business visa arrangement usually takes between three days and a week to process, after having finalised the paperwork. There may be an extra fee levied by the Embassy in the country where you collect your visa, which varies, but no other payments should be needed on your arrival in Indonesia.


KITAS is short for Kartu Ijin Tinggal Sementara or Limited Stay Visa. KITAS allows foreigners to work and/or live legally in Indonesia. You will need to have this in place before your belongings can be shipped to Indonesia. The KITAS application process can take some time, so it is worth being very organised and getting the application off as soon as possible. There is a lot of supporting documentation required (see below), and EMC Indonesia can help pull it all together in this package. The permit is usually granted for periods between six and 12 months duration, after which it must be renewed.

Our package includes:

  • RPTKA & TA01 – Foreign Worker Placement Plan & Work Permit Approval from the Manpower Department
  • Working Visa & Work Permit – KITAS, IMTA, and Foreign Workers Report
  • Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit (you need this to exit and re-enter during your KITAS’s valid period)
  • Other Permits – POA, SKPPS, STMD, STM and Police Report
  • "Skills & Development Fund" levy (a mandatory fee payable usually by the company to the Manpower Department).

Find out more about how you can get Limited Stay Visa in Indonesia here.

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