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Language Training

Selamat datang di Indonesia! Welcome to Indonesia! In this diverse and often complex country, it’s a relief to know that at least one thing can be fairly straightforward: the language. Bahasa Indonesia is surprisingly enjoyable to learn, and you will find it immensely beneficial to be able to get by in the local tongue. Everyone from shopkeepers to domestic helpers to friendly faces on the street will assume you know at least a little local lingo, and in fact we have found that those who don’t potentially find it a little trickier to navigate their new base. More to the point, it’s a way to ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of living here. Language truly enriches a culture and Indonesia is no exception.

With more than 700 ethnic groups here in Indonesia, you can still hear people talking in languages other than Bahasa Indonesia. In Jakarta specifically, you will often hear people talking in Javanese or Sundanese. The city is truly a melting pot for cultures found around Java and the whole archipelago. No need to worry though. Bahasa Indonesia is seen as the universal language around the country, which means that you won’t need to learn Javanese or other ‘indigenous’ languages.

The language education market in Indonesia is large and it can be hard to know where to start, let alone how to pinpoint a recommended provider. EMC Indonesia will consult with you to understand your preferred learning style, including times, and assist you to find the right training for you. Tidak apa-apa!

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