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John Church
Inpex Corporation

"When we first came to Jakarta at the end of 2012, we were put in touch with Esti by a mutual acquaintance, after a somewhat unsuccessful few days with another agent. It was a lucky connection as Esti turned out to be a great house agent for us. She immediately understood what we wanted and showed us exactly the right kind of properties on the first morning out. Once we had settled on a place to rent, Esti was extremely professional with the landlord and was a superb intermediary during the process. Although we were out of the country at that time, Esti continued to keep us fully informed with what was happening with the property and making sure that everything went smoothly with the paperwork. When we arrived back in Jakarta and were ready to move in, Esti was always there checking that everything was as it should be and making sure the house was delivered as we expected. She is a true professional. Esti is very friendly and has a long term view of the business, both with regards to her clients and the landlords. She is extremely well connected and will know what is available and suitable and make sure a fair deal is obtained. I would have no problem recommending her to anyone in need of quality accommodation in Jakarta."

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